Group settings build power. The platform can single people out by shaming and blaming or it can expose individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. In a safe group setting, Participants make available their collective resources in a professional space to learn and/or reflect, rather than fingerpoint from possible fear or suspicion.

Reflective group practice thrives in a no blame environment where people are encouraged to be brave and curious and only if comfortable, deliberatly disclose their lived experience. Learning is based on asking questions and sharing uncomfortable decisions without the fear of interrogation.

Hobajing Narrative Practice offers two group options for organisations: Training and Delivery, and one group Supervision for individuals to attend. Group Supervision centres on providing a safe space for participants to reflect on theirs and others work. Click here for information on individual supervision. Group Training caters for eight attendees or less in a close and personal space where hands on activities help people to open up and participate. Group Delivery, for nine or more attendees, has a facilitator delivering from the front, almost like a motivational speaker and has less time for individual participation.

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