The Stories you tell yourself, matter ..

You are much more than one single story or mistake or success or event. But if you are finding that lately, that one particular story is taking up a little too much room and is starting to influence your outlook, your future plans, or the way in which you are seen or are seeing yourself, maybe it's time for us to have a chat.

Supported by Narrative Practices, together we'll draw on your knowledge and your strengths and put some space between you and the problem story. Then we'll combine conversation, tuition and hands-on practice to reduce the story's effects on your life.

Services are delivered through workshops, group and individual sessions with online, offline and in-person options available. Click the links below to find out more.

Online / In Person

A live Narrative conversation is you and me, in the moment... challenging, instructive and hands on

Offline / At your own pace

An offline Narrative space is personal, confidential and at a pace comfortable for you

Groups / Workshops

Group opportunities facilitate collaboration and learning on a variety of Narrative topics

Latest Blogs and Worksheets

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