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There are limitations to distant forms of support but they also come with their own advantages such as privacy, comfort on one’s own home and not having to travel. When someone is in front of you, you can take in body language, which may be giving off an entirely different attitude to the words being used. For instance, say the same thing with a smile and then a frown.

I would be able to pick up on that body language if we were in the same room which may or may not help your exploration. So communicating over the phone, online or using Skype requires more effort on both on our parts to relay our intentions and I amend the delivery accordingly.

I have earned a Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Training and Development, and Career Education. More importantly than my academic background is my survival through childhood and young adulthood of thinking I was worthless and attracting the types of people who prey on those thoughts. I have survived alcohol, drugs, divorce, blended families, working in the sex industry, poverty and all the other demons in my head. I can help you too. 

I have been employed in Construction, Community Services and the Australian Public Service. In my younger days, I worked behind the counter in the Commonwealth Employment Service, and in administration in Austudy, Abstudy and SQWISI. For the last decade, most of my experience has been in Construction Quality Management and Safety Coaching, with side gigs in team building and problem solving.

With a background in Training, much of my own material is used in workshops and onstage delivery, and many of the online groups follow a training program pattern. I do enjoy training but am more focused on the counselling and healing side so I have not applied to be a Registered Training Organisation. Hobajing is a registered business and I am a Level 2 Member of the Australian Counselling Association.

The tools of Narrative Therapy can be applied to  many situations and challenges. Click here for an intro, or here for a view of some past client journeys including Family Relationships and Career Support. The bottom of this link offers a more in depth look at how sessions progress.

The Practice is in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia but I am open to meeting in public spaces such as Libraries or quiet Cafes. My location preference is the Southern Highlands, New South Wales so I can contribute to my local economy but I will travel up to two hours in any driving direction [which includes Sydney] before the basic rate is affected. Hobajing is an Australian Business so I abide by Australian Business Practices and (at present) only deliver in English.

I do have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) so I can assist people under the age of 18 and I welcome families, couples etc with teenage children or older.

For children younger than teenagers, I would provide a referral to a more Therapist more dedicated in that area. There is a special skillset in supporting children, particularly when it comes to trauma, so I would recommend seeking a Professional that has studied and experienced using those skills on the job, rather than my attempting to use those skills. I have several recommendations for those who are in need. 


I abide by the ACA Scope of Practice, Click here to read the document on the ACA Website] which basically states that I am bound by the guidelines of confidentiality EXCEPT IN CASES where you make it known that you wish to hurt yourself or somebody else. Everyone deserves to live, so I will abide by that caveat.

Other strategies I take include an agreement by all participants in Group Practice, whether offline, online or any other delivery, that what happens in the group, stays in the group, and I encourage the allocation of a Tree Alias each Client.

Your Tree Alias is the only information I collect UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY ASK YOU TO RECORD SOMETHING ELSE. And of course, you can always so no. I collect no other information. Any information that is automatically recorded through the use of technology, such as transcript of a chat room or emails etc, are provided to the individual. That means, at any time, that you wish to end the counselling relationship, I will destroy all and any originals.

Every example is a simplified version of an actual client’s experience. Note though that descriptions are a summary and are no indication of the hard work that each Client put into their result and of the challenges that arose.

One night in 1997, my then three year old daughter came out to the kitchen dancing to an episode of Playschool on the TV. She was chanting Hobba Jing Hobba Jing Hobba Jing. The word stuck with us and over the years has come to mean something that will come to fruition, something amazing, something we’re working towards.