Individual sessions of 60 minutes for therapy and supervision are $125. Clients with health insurance through Police Health, Medibank Private, AHM or BUPA may be entitled to a rebate, please contact your provider to find out the percentage. Rate is reduced to $85 for holders of a current Australian Health Care Card. Payment is required prior to appointment. Click here for more info on individual sessions.

Group supervision, where individuals join a scheduled group of up to five other professionals for 90 minutes are $85 per individual. Rate is reduce to $55 for Counselling students, note that only one student can attend a group with four other professionals. Click here for more info on group supervision.

Training sessions [hands on with eight attendees or less] are $185 per hour with a minimum of two hours. Delivery sessions [onstage with nine or more attendees] are $225 per hour with a minimum of two hours. Where 75% of participants are holders of a current Australian Health Care Card, payment is reduced by $50 per hour. Click here for more info on group sessions as there may be additional costs depending on location and distance.

mental health plan

Our services are currently not covered under medicare, however our fee is comparable to or lower than most psychologist’s gap fee, also you may be elgibe for rebated sessions under private health providers. If you require a mental health diagnosis, engaging the support of your GP for a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist via a mental health care plan may be your next option.


The first line on our home page asks what is happening for you that is making it difficult to live a comfortable life? Finding ways to reduce that difficulty depends on the person, the problem, and many other variables so it is unknown how long one person needs to share with a therapist. Our Counsellors have exposure to EAP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy, so it has been possible for people to find relief strategies within one or a few sessions. For others though, speaking with a professional opens up a safe space where they feel comfortable with a longer term committment.


Therapy rooms are in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia but we are open to meeting in public spaces such as Libraries or quiet Cafes within 50 kilometres of Robertson before the basic rate is affected. Our services are also available by phone, Zoom and Teams.


We have Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and Police Checks, and am comfortable meeting with people aged ten and older, couples and families. We currently refer clients younger than ten, to other professionals with more experience in supporting younger children.


We abide by the ACA Scope of Practice which bounds us to the guidelines of confidentiality EXCEPT IN CASES where clients make it known that they may cause harm to themselves or others. Read more about our privacy and confidentiality here.


Hobajing Narrative Practice is an Australian Business, situated in Robertson NSW, and abides by Australian Business Practices. Sessions are available for other states and countries but note that we work on Australian Eastern Standard Time, or Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time between 1st Sunday in October and 1st Sunday in April. At present sessions are only delivered in English.


One night in 1997, one of Jedison’s children came out to the kitchen dancing to a television show chanting Hobba Jing Hobba Jing Hobba Jing. The word stuck with us and over the years has come to mean something that will come to fruition, something amazing, something we’re working towards.

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