Sometimes we need more time between professional interactions to ponder questions, format responses and work out what we want next in the conversation. Also, some people communicate better in the written word or are just not available during the daylight hours. See below for our offline delivery or click group or live for our other options.

Offline yarning supports a personal pace of back and forth written English communication, through email, Slack, Dropbox or snailmail. English level is not a problem as spelling is not important to the therapeutic relationship. Clients respond when they wish, whether it be 2am at the end of a shift or at 9am after dropping the kids off at school. Our professional response arrives within an agreed three or seven day turnaround.

Offline yarning is designed to have as much depth as a sixty minute live session, and includes four back and forth responses within a six week period. At the start of the sessions, a space is created on an agreed platform and is confidential between the Client and the Counsellor. When the Client is ready to close the relationship, all the content is deleted completely from the Counsellor end.

At present, Offline yarning is only available for counselling and not supervision.

Offline Yarn AUD $125

  • email of introductory information including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data, consent form and agreement on three or seven day turnaround
  • 1st response from Client then observations/questions from Counsellor
  • 2nd response ..
  • 3rd response ..
  • 4th and final response ..
  • all four sessions conclude within six weeks of the initial introductory email, unless otherwise arranged
  • rate is reduced to $85 for holders of a current Australian Health Care Card
  • offline yarns are not eligible for private health insurance rebates
  • payment is required prior to appointment

Explore the site for more information or contact the practice directly for a yarn.