Group settings build power. The platform can single people out by shaming and blaming or it can expose individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. Read on for how Hobajing Narrative Practice aims for the latter through Training, Delivery and Supervision or click live or offline for our other options.

Our Training provides a close and personal space where hands on activities support people in letting down their guard. It’s hands-on participation and hands-off phone and laptop. Workshops are a means to improve an already established team or build skill by participants making available their collective resources to learn and reflect, rather than fingerpoint from possible fear or suspicion. There is a maximum of eight attendees so everyone gets a fair chance to contribute and feed back. Training sessions run for two hours, are delivered in person and the rate is $185 for every attendee.

Group Delivery, for nine or more attendees, has the Facilitator delivering from a stage like environment, almost like a motivational speaker and has less time for individual participation. It’s a little more friendly than a lecture but not everyone is going to get the hands on experience. The message, including handouts etc, are prepared by the Client, and we deliver the material, checking reception, understanding and acceptance throughout the presentation. Delivery sessions are live on an agreed platform for an agreed time and the rate is $225 per hour with a minimum of two hours, for up to thirty attendees. Groups larger than 30 require a second Facilitator and charges begin again for 31 to 60 attendees.

Group Supervision centres on providing a safe space for participants to reflect on theirs and others work. Reflective group practice thrives in a no blame environment where people are encouraged to be brave and curious and only if comfortable, deliberatly disclose their lived experience. Learning is based on asking questions and sharing uncomfortable thoughts without the fear of interrogation. Hobajing Supervisors are members of the ACA College of Supervisors and identify as Aboriginal Australians. Supervision sessions are live on an agreed platform for two hours and the rate is $185 for each attendee, for up to five attendees.

other information

  • facilitators are ACA accredited counsellors, have Cert IV TAE, their own PPE, QLD and NSW White Cards for construction sites, and Working with Children checks
  • email of introductory information including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data and consent form
  • two [2] phone or zoom catchups of up to 30 minutes each, prior to session with Company Representative
  • where topic requires more than the above preliminary communication, additional preparation hours are charged at the same rate
  • where location is more than 50km of Robertson NSW, additional travel and/or accommodation fees may be charged
  • where 75% of participants are holders of a current Australian Health Care Card, hourly rate is reduced by $50 per hour
  • payment is required prior to appointment

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