yaama, I am Jedison Wells, Chief Facilitator and Lead Counsellor at Hobajing Narrative Practice where we seek to bring better closer whatever the circumstances. Formally, I have degrees in Adult Training and Development, Career Education, and Narrative Therapy and am currently undertaking PHD research at Charles Darwin University. As a Counsellor, I am registered level three with the ACA, and the Business is registered with Support Nation and IAHA.

I have been employed in Construction, Community Services and the Public Service. In my younger days, I worked behind the counter in the Commonwealth Employment Service, and in administration in Austudy, Abstudy and SQWISI. Prior to my full time Counselling and Training gig, most of my experience has been in Construction Quality Management and Safety Coaching, with side hustles in team building and problem solving.

With over 2000 hours of yarning, counselling and supervision practice, I integrate the mental and emotional healing practices of both my Yuwaalaraay and Scottish ancestors into the approaches I use. Though application is different, both Ancestries utilise the concepts of community and yarning, and both view health as a combination of parts intertwined with each other.

Informally, and more importantly than all the previous paragraphs, my ability to support people in their wellbeing survival is informed by a childhood and young adulthood that had me thinking I was worthless and attracted the types of people who preyed on those thoughts. From a young age, I learned to restrain the self I portrayed to the world, never quite knowing if I was allowed to occupy the space.

I have taken many paths to become the woman I am today and as such, am very comfortable talking with others about cultural safety, identity, homelessness, child abandonment, sex work, redundancy, divorce, addiction, alcoholism, blended families and many other shadows that you too may have also found yourself under.

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