yaamanda yanay barriyaygu? will you come to the window?

When people seek healing, they come clutching a story that they and others may only have considered from a select viewpoint. Yaamanda yanay barriyaygu? [Will you come to the window] or barriyay for short, is a narrative method that invites clients to journey through a story from several vantage points: AS IT WAS KNOWN, AS IT WAS TOLD, AS IT IS KNOWN, and AS IT WILL BE TOLD to take back the power and be the one who determines the story. The method is being used to assist clients with revisiting historical trauma, and in the reclaimation of historical scripts for the Yuwaalaraay, Muruwari and other Aboriginal language groups. If you are part of the Language Research Group, please click here. Resources below were generated in 2019 as part of a Masters Thesis, and will provide an introduction to how the concept was conceived and how it has been applied in the healing space.

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[20 minutes] submitted as part of Masters Thesis in 2019

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submitted as part of Masters Thesis in 2019. Much of the essay and video are the same

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accompanies both the video and the essay

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