Have you ever taken a friend out to your favourite waterfall or creek or park? Somewhere you’ve been a hundred, maybe even a thousand times where you can name every branch, every crevice, every stone and of course, you know the way so well that you never sink into a hole or fall over a log. You know the history of the land and how the weather, the people and the fauna have impacted the landscape for good and for bad.

And then your friend notices something different. Something you don’t even see at first and maybe even insist is not there, but they point it out and it starts to shine. Something you can’t believe you have either missed for so long or thought had no importance at all. Well, Narrative conversations are just like that friend, uncovering and supporting the recognition of other parts of the picture when revisiting the past, or looking at the present and future. It’s also about learning how that picture was shaped through maybe upbringing, or culture or society values, and how it can be re-shaped to better suit what you want out of life. Narrative Therapy unravels the multi-stories of life.

Narrative conversations provide opportunities to view what is happening from different vantage points, in a safe space. We have supported people from a variety of circumstances, for instance those who were brought up to take care of their wellbeing in a way that doesn’t serve them well now or those who are questioning the values they’ve held for a long time or the stories that have been told to them about themselves. One of the foundations of Narrative Therapy is that what one person or group of people or even society considers to be true about you is not necessarily the truth about you. So our conversations always start from a position of trust with no preconceived notions. 

Hobajing Narrative Practice offers live and offline therapy, Aboriginal cultural supervision, and professional supervision.

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