Projects and teams can start off with an amazing energy and resilience but sometimes with a falling in membership, or major change in resources, process or leadership, the mission can be temporarily lost. Group Delivery can help re-ignite the motivation by engaging larger groups, i.e more than eight, to work with new information. The process addresses engagement rather than skill and for many events there is a Company expert available at the end for questions and answers.

Group Delivery is a presentation and can include audience participation. It’s a little more friendly than a lecture but not everyone is going to get the hands on experience. The message, including handouts etc, are prepared by the Client, and we deliver the material, checking reception, understanding and acceptance throughout the presentation.

Although not compulsory, Onstage Presentations are better received when there is light food served. Facilitators do have their own PPE and QLD and NSW White Cards for construction sites, and Working with Children Checks.

group delivery AUD $225/hour minimum two hours

  • email of introductory information including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data and consent form
  • two [2] phone or zoom catchups of up to 30 minutes each, prior to session with Company Representative
  • one live presentation delivered on an agreed platform, for agreed time
  • rate is $225 per hour with a minimum of two hours, for nine to thirty attendees. Note that groups larger than 30 require a 2nd Facilitator, and charges begin again for 31 to 60 attendees
  • where 75% of participants are holders of a current Australian Health Care Card, payment is reduced by $50 per hour
  • where topic requires more than the above preliminary communication, additional preparation hours are charged at the same rate
  • where location is more than 50km of Robertson NSW, additional travel and/or accommodation fees may be charged
  • payment is required prior to appointment
  • click here for details on group training, i.e. groups of eight or less

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