Group work requires collaboration, in that people are constantly making decisions about who’s up next, where the dynamic is going and what the priorities are. From this, there is a sharing of experience, ideas and exposure to other views. Group training is delivered in person, and there is a maximum of eight participants so everyone gets a fair chance to contribute and feed back.

No-one sits in the back row at a Hobajing Training session. It’s hands-on participation and hands-off phone and laptop. Workshops are a means to improve an already established team or build skill by exposing individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. Your topics or ours can be delivered, and all training is delivered by a Hobajing Facilitator, except in some cases where an additional specialised consultant is needed, like a specific Country elder or Health and Safety expert etc.

group training AUD $185 FOR EVERY ATTENDEE for two hour workshop

  • email of introductory information including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data and consent form
  • two [2] phone or zoom catchups of up to 30 minutes each, prior to session with Company Representative
  • one two hour training session delivered in person
  • rate is $185 per hour for every attendee, for up to eight attendees
  • where 75% of participants are holders of a current Australian Health Care Card, payment is reduced by $50 per hour
  • where topic requires more than the above preliminary communication, additional preparation hours are charged at the same rate
  • where location is more than 50km of Robertson NSW, additional travel and/or accommodation fees may be charged
  • payment is required prior to appointment
  • click here for details on group delivery, i.e. groups of nine or more

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