Our group yarns for people working in healing and sewb aim to increase professional confidence and wisdom through open dialogue, exposure to other professional experiences and constructive feedback in a trusting online space.  Each person is given an opportunity to add to the agenda prior to the yarn, and in turn, share their professional needs with the group.

Also known as Supervision, the sessions run for two hours, and all participants are welcome to stay for a further 30 minutes where a video scenario is played and a professional discussion of therapeutic possibilities takes place. Yarns are led by Jedison Wells, Yuwaalaraay woman, Narrative therapist, member of the ACA College of Supervisors, and current Facilitator for the Indigenous Chapter of the Australian Counselling Association

There are two groups held per month: wabu (river bend) and gandaarr (other side of the river). wabu, which means river bend, is open to all professionals, to share and exchange ideas, as they take in what they need, and let go of what is no longer working. In this space, Attendees share emotional demands of day to day work, struggles of connecting with colleagues, blocks to building skill capacity or maybe even debriefing a past event.  Just like a river bend, there is the pressure of constant erosion and constant deposition which makes the bend bigger

The gandaarr group is closed for professionals who identify as Australian Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander, whether or not they work in an Indigenous workspace. Gandaarr means other side of the river, symbolising a space, set aside from the mainstream, so Attendees can observe and reflect on the unique needs of being an Australian First Nations person in the healing workforce. Format of the groups is the same as wabu, with each person adding a concern to the agenda. Those concerns though often centre around cultural load, diversity within our own nations and community and peer networks, responsibilities as knowledge holders and professional and cultural obligations.

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group supervision AUD $85/hour

  • email of introductory information including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data and consent form
  • participation in one live session on an agreed platform for up to two hours, with a maximum of four other participants
  • rate is reduced to $55 for Counselling students, note that only one student can attend a group with four other professionals and proof of enrolment is required for rate reduction
  • supervision yarns are not eligible for private health insurance rebates
  • paid invoice provides log for two ACA supervision hours
  • payment is required prior to appointment
  • click here for details on individual supervision

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