No-one sits in the back row at a Hobajing Workshop. It’s hands-on participation and hands-off phone and laptop. Workshops are a means to improve an already established team or build skill by exposing individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. Numbers are limited to six, eight, and twelve.

Group Work requires collaboration, in that people are constantly making decisions about who’s up next, where the dynamic is going and what the priorities are. From this, there is a sharing of experience, ideas and exposure to other views. Group services are delivered live in private and public workshops and in online chatrooms. There is also an offline delivery using the Slack Platform which is little like Phantom League Bowling, where you are part of the conversation just not at the same time. There is a maximum of eight participants [see Onstage Delivery for more than twelve] so everyone gets a fair chance to contribute and feed back. 

Stay tuned for details of upcoming Public workshops

Workshop Price AUD $185 per person

One Public Workshop set includes:

  • Preliminary workbook
  • Attendance at 3 hour workshop
  • Debriefing email following workshop
  • For Private workshops, please ring and discuss price 

Click here to book a workshop place or for a Private workshop, please ring or send me a message.

Groups expose individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. But they're not for everybody ...


Bouncing ideas off other people in a safe space; Participation is mandatory.


Being called on to contribute; Participation is mandatory.

Sample Session

  • Week 1 Introductions

    – How it all works
    – First Impressions of Anger
    – Sharing of Selves

  • Week 2 Identity of Anger

    – Culture, Gender and Society Views
    – Exploring My House

  • Week 3 Talking to Gagil

    – Anger in the Chair
    – Questioning Anger

  • Week 4 Befriending Anger

    – Giving Anger a Voice
    – Giving Anger a Boundary

  • Week 5 Building Networks

    – Tree of Life Art Therapy

  • Week 6 Wrap Up

    – Finalising Collective Narrative Document
    – Future Invitations for Anger