Yaama and welcome to the Hooper / Johnston Family Timeline

The Timeline is not complete, and never will be because many of our Ancestors just didn’t make it. It’s purpose, for me, is to share in our historical journeys and remember and be thankful for where their feet blessed our country. From what i’ve learned so far, we are Yuwaalaraay, we are Muluwari, we maybe even Kunga. 
Information has been collected from historical documents, oral traditions and some assumptions. I still have many documents to cull through and people to talk to, so I update every week or so. Please contact me, if you would like information added or edited. Note I have many dates of birth, but choose not to display them on the net.

When you click the page, it should just open up as a webpage. A page you can amend yourself if you want, but of course, you’re edits don’t affect the one already uploaded. 

This is not a legal document or any sort of evidence, the intention is to share a story of our Ancestors journeys, 

Note that ADA HOOPER is the timeline’s centre. She is my Great Grandmother.