When you increase professional literacy, i.e. the skill and language of a job, you increase your opportunity to get that job. Sometimes money itself is an obstacle to gaining a higher position with a higher wage because of the cost of retraining. While I always recommend enrolling in recognised accredited courses, I acknowledge that there are instances where Clients would like to trial a particular discipline, or self manage their own competencies.

So every month, I scour the Web for free, current, legitimate training. That is, genuine online training providers who share course material and expertise for no monetary cost. Many want to provide a taste of what study is like or want to promote a certain discipline or skill set.

I first came across these types of courses when I took a semester at Charles Sturt University in their Masters of IT program. The university offered the actual units that enrolled students were taking so those unsure about their commitment could try it out.

This list is added to frequently and I encourage you to message me if you know of any other courses or units that have (1) no monetary commitment of any kind [not even credit card details], (2) build a competency and (3) are current. Please contact me if any of these links no longer work or fit the criteria.

Computer and Communication University Units

Charles Sturt University IT Masters Program offers actual University units ranging from Project Management, Photoshop and Digital Marketing to Programming units such as Microsoft Server, Mobile Games Utility and Scrum Master. The aim of the courses is to “give students a taster of what it is like to undertake postgraduate study“. LAST CHECKED 18/06/20

Reading and Writing Resources

The Reading Writing Hotline has been in Australia for decades and supports people in learning Australian English. The link provided shares online resources to support people in learning to read and write. LAST CHECKED 18/03/20

What is Narrative Practice

The Dulwich Centre offers an online course in “.. Narrative ideas and those looking for new ways of working with people in their context .. “. Certification is available but not necessary. LAST CHECKED 18/06/20

Aboriginal Narrative Practice

The Dulwich Centre also offers a course specifically for Aboriginal Practitioners and looks at how Narrative Therapy is helping our communities “tell their stories in ways that make them stronger”. LAST CHECKED 18/06/20

Sporting and Coaching Courses

The Australian Sports Commission offers free online courses in Sports related topics such as Coaching and Officiating, Playing by the rules and several Athlete Courses like High Performance Motivation and Goal Setting. LAST CHECKED 18/06/20

Community Services Training

QCOSS offers online courses to support community workers in Australia. There is a log in process but all courses are free and up-to-date. LAST CHECKED 18/06/20

Explore the site or contact the practice directly for more information.