Narrative conversations give you the opportunity to lay it all out on the table in a safe space of trial and error and positivity. My style will push you outside your comfort zone just enough for you to take the risks necessary, but not so much that i’ll have you [falsely] believing that all will be perfect by next Tuesday. 

I have worked with people from a variety of circumstances, for instance those who were brought up to take care of their wellbeing in a way that doesn’t serve them well now or those who are questioning the values they’ve held for a long time or the stories that have been told them, about themselves. One of the foundations of Narrative Therapy is that what one person or group of people or even society considers to be true about you is not necessarily the truth about you. So our conversations always start from a position of trust with no preconceived notions.

Online Narrative sessions refer to to anything live, like in person, through Skype or Viber on video, Facebook or Viber on messenger or over the telephone. Catchups can start as early as 6am and finish as late as 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Face to face catchups are available in the Robertson Office on weekends, or by river or a cafe during the week for Pyrmont and surrounding suburbs of Sydney CBD. 

Online / In-Person Price AUD $85

One Online Session includes:

  • email of introductory information from me to you including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data. Your completion of the questionnaire is required before the first session starts
  • one live conversation on an agreed platform , for up to ninety minutes
  • final email response from myself
  • introductory and final emails occurr once at the start and once at the end of the counselling relationship, not at the start and end of every session
  • Eligible Police Health, Medibank Private, AHM and BUPA members may be entitled to a benefit

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Online conversations are personal, challenging, instructive and offer hands on participation and immediate clarification. But there are risks ...


No interruptions; Immediate feedback; Privacy of being in your own home of using computer; Conversational style; Participation is mandatory.


No time to take in new information until after session; Commitment to particular time; Requires up-to-date technology and private space for computer session; Participation is mandatory.

Sample Sessions

Note that Sample Sessions are based on actual Clients of the Practice and I thank those who have given permission for me to share. Note that the samples are outlines and do not reflect the hard work and persistance given by each Client. As a confidentiality measure, all Clients at the Practice take on a Tree Name.

Session 1
90 mins

Sakura’s life was overun by Anxiety and our conversations covered the skill of externalising by viewing a feeling as a feeling and not a trait 

Session 2
90 mins

Revisited events in Sukura’s teenagehood learning about the value of things that appeared missing

Session 3
90 mins

Sakura and I learned more about tying feelings to feelings and not behaviour and giving Anxiety a personality and a name


Session 4
60 mins

Focus was quite practical, e.g. Sakura’s discomfort on living alone and dealing with Anxiety’s frustrating visits as she arrived home from work