Narrative Practice seeks to get to know the person apart from the problem which involves honest responses that will determine the direction of our conversation. Some people need time for those responses, whether it’s to really dig deep in their memory to expand their story or sometimes just to ponder what they’ve found out so far. 

The Offline Sessions at Hobajing Narrative Practice cater for people who are currently at that point, people who will benefit from taking time between responses. Offline Sessions are all about supporting your progression at your pace. It’s like back and forth communication where i’ll send you some questions and when you feel like it, you come in and read, write, answer, ponder, upload etc and then I reply and back and forth it goes. Through email or Slack or Dropbox [there are multiple ways for us to connect], you respond when you wish, whether it be 2am at the end of a shift or at 9am after dropping the kids off etc and I’ll reply in a three day or other agreed turnaround. 

For individuals, a space is created on whatever platform you choose, confidential just between you and me. When you are ready to close the relationship, all the content is yours and it is deleted completely from my end. Don’t worry about your level of English, your spelling is not important to our relationship. Note there are also there are also Offline Groups that bring people together to share experiences, strengths and strategies under a common theme. Partipants engage in solo and group activities but at times that suit them.

Offline Practice suits Shift Workers, Parents or anyone wanting to respond in their own time for personal, work or other reasons.

Offline Price AUD $85 per set

One Offline set includes:

  • introductory information from me to you including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data. Your completion of the questionnaire is required before the first session starts
  • four sessions of my response/your response. You may take as long as you need whereas I will respond within an agreed 3 day or 7 day turnaround
  • all four sessions concluded within six weeks of the first session, unless otherwise arranged
  • final response from myself to provide journal entries etc if required

Click here to book an offline session or send me a message if you have more questions.

There is a structure to an offline session, but the pace, the response, the details are all in your control. But there are risks ...


You don't have to turn up anywhere at any particular time; Responses are in a format that suits you; Participation is mandatory.


You are your own motivator, I can harrass you if you want but ultimately you are the one in chartge; Participation is mandatory.

Sample Session

Note that Sample Sessions are based on actual Clients of the Practice and I thank those who have given permission for me to share. Note that the samples are outlines and do not reflect the hard work and persistance given by each Client. As a confidentiality measure, all Clients at the Practice take on a Tree Name.

Session 1

Katsuru’s workload is out of hand and she is looking to develop self management and assertiveness skills. I ask Katsura to provide a 2 week diary in 30 min intervals of her work day. To support her during the two weeks, I provide some general strategies that can be implemented immediately.



Session 2

After 7 days and a self review of her diary, Katsura emails where she thinks the troublespots are, with both communication and work overload. I provide Katsura with questions that help her examine the difficulties and why she personally finds them difficult. I encourage her to continue the diary to the end of the 2 weeks.

Session 3

Katsura is not sure about some of the questions so we talk through on the phone with some examples. She works through the rest of the questions and I provide reply conversation as our investigation continues.

Session 4

Katsura pauses the sessions, to spend a couple of months building up her experience, by applying what she has learnt. On request, I send a PDF journal of our conversations and delete all communication from my end [as part of the Hobajing Confidentiality Policy].