Narrative Therapy unravels the multi-stories of life

Have you ever taken a friend out to your favourite waterfall or creek or park? Somewhere you’ve been a hundred, maybe even a thousand times where you can name every branch, every crevice, every stone and of course, you know the way so well that you never sink into a hole or fall over a log. You know the history of the land and how the weather, the people and the fauna have impacted the landscape for good and for bad.

And then your friend notices something different. Something you don’t even see at first and maybe even insist is not there, but they point it out and it starts to shine. Something you can’t believe you have either missed for so long or thought had no importance. Well .. Narrative Conversations are just like that friend, uncovering and supporting you in recognising other parts of the picture when revisiting your past or looking into your future. It’s also about learning how that picture was shaped through maybe upbringing, or culture or society values, and how it can be re-shaped to better suit what you want out of life. 

I am Jedison Wells and my professional practice, as a Counsellor, Healer, Therapist, Community Worker is based on Narrative Therapy and the idea that the person is not the problem, the Problem is the problem. Putting space between you and the problem, means we can then make sense of your stories and create new stories or find old ones which help you to be more in charge of the direction you want to be headed. For quick animated intro to Narrative Therapy, click here.

Narrative Practice involves lots of questions and we can do it in-person or live through skype or chatroom or text message, and offline by email, Slack or even a letter through the post. To get started you could click Offline, Online or Groups on the top menu or have a crack at some self support activities. Most questions about the practice are answered on the FAQs page or if not, please ask me directly

I have a professional and personal interest in the contribution we make to community and economy, which for some is a paid career, and for others may be caring caring for a loved one, volunteering or sharing resources. Workshops are held regularly on the World of Work and on the behaviours and skills needed to contribute to the world your way. My methods and tools are not new but my candid, pushy, hands on approach has worked for many and has fostered growth in environment, ambition, outlook and attitude. I deliver most of the Services myself, except in some workshops where a specialised consultant is needed, like a Health and Safety expert or a specific Country Elder. 

Regardless of the path you take, I’m glad you’re here.

Success and Failure are not real,
they are just results at a particular point in time.

And if you’re not getting the results you set out for, then work with me to change. That’s what Coaching, Counselling and Conversation is all about, managing change. It’s not scary or painful or difficult. It’s just a process that helps define now, later and the path in between. We’ll talk and explore and assess and research and revisit and do more of what does work and less of what doesn’t. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though, the process takes commitment and guts and persistence and proper planning. I encourage you to try some of the free resources first to determine if the services are for you.