Hobajing Narrative Practice

Together you and I can put some space between you and the ‘Problem Story’

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You are much more than one single story or mistake or success or event. Sometimes though, there is a ‘problem story’ that takes up a little too much room and starts to influence your outlook or your future plans. Narrative Therapy draws on what you know to change the impact that the story is having. As a Narrative Therapist, I aim to push you outside of your comfort zone at a rate that we are both comfortable with but not so much that you will falsely believe all will be perfect by next Tuesday.

In person sessions are available in the Robertson [NSW] practice or by phone, chatroom, text message or skype. There are also offline options with a three day or seven day turnaround using Slack, email, dropbox and even snailmail. Click the Buttons below to explore some of the aspects of the practice. You could also visit the FAQs, Bookings, or contact me directly.

Be prepared though … because even with all of my therapeutic possibilities, no change will ever happen if you don’t participate in the plans, the actions and the change you want for yourself.

The Stories you tell yourself, matter..

You are much more than one single story or mistake or success or event. Put some space between you and whatever problem or story is currently invading your social or emotional well being by having a chat with me. Together we can see your stories more clearly. For individuals, we can talk in-person, online and offline and for groups, I run regular public and private workshops. For more info, see the links below or click Narrative Practice or the FAQs.