Book a Live Session for One Person

Book a Live Session for One Person

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Hobajing Online Services include any and all delivery types that involve you and me .. right here, right now. If you haven’t yet, please read:

Before you commit time, money and effort to any Hobajing Service, remember that Counselling, Coaching and even Training is limited to the information that you provide. I can ask all the questions in the world, but unless you are open to answering them honestly, my abilities are limited. Also, and probably more importantly, no change will occur based on what I do. It’s all about what you do. I cannot take action for you, you must participate for any change to take place.

Online Price AUD $85 for one session

One Online Session includes:

  • email of introductory information from me to you including a questionnaire to provide initial consultation data. Your completion of the questionnaire is required before the first session starts
  • one live conversation on an agreed platform , for up to ninety minutes
  • final email response from myself
  • note that the introductory and final emails occurr once at the start and once at the end of the counselling relationship, not at the start and end of every session

Pre-booking Form

To book an online session, fill in the questions below and click send. I will respond within 48 hours with an agreement containing an outline of services and payment details. Upon acceptance of the agreement, and payment, I will provide you with the Introductory Questionnaire.

Thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you.

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