When something bothers me, I find that I can usually group it as either something I am not comfortable with or something I don’t have that would make my life more comfortable. Before I determine how to tackle it, I look at the level of influence that the issue has on my life. I have listed some sample questions below to help you think about the influence of an issue on your life.

The most important thing here when using these questions is that THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER. This is an exploration not a test. The aim is to get you to start thinking and pondering and wondering about whatifs and maybes. Also, I use the word Gagil to represent bad or unwanted, and Gaba for good or desired. You can use any language that makes you comfortable, such as Problem or Limitation, or Wish or Progress. 

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Gaba is something great, something you would like to increase in your life.

What is Gaba?

What is Gaba’s purpose?

What parts of Gaba do you hold valuable?

What does Gaba offer you?

What is attractive/appealing about Gaba?

If you could pass on a message to Gaba, what would it be

What becomes more prominent when Gaba is in the background?

Gagil is something not so good, something you would like to reduce in your life.

What is Gagil?

What is Gagil’s purpose?

If Gagil had a voice out there in the world, what would it say?

What are you hoping to happen to Gagil?

What does Gagil stop you from having?

If you could pass on a message to Gagil what would it be?

What becomes more prominent when Gagil is in the background?

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